Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pumpkin x 3 , Coach Aaron, and me!

In one day I have had a piece of pumpkin pie, a pumpkin spice latte, and a piece of pumpkin bread! But, before you label me a pumpkin addict let me plead my case........

1) Pumpkin Pie
a. It was my meal not my dessert
b. It contains all four of the food groups. (eggs = protein, evaporated milk= dairy, crust = bread, and pumpkin= vegetable) :)

2) Pumpkin Spice Latte
a. It was paid for by someone else ( can't beat that)
b. I was so cold after Aaron's team played their soccer game that it was practically an emergency. :)
c. Every year I allow myself one yummy pumpkin latte. ( it's a tradition)

3) Pumpkin bread
a. I baked pumpkin bread for a team get together with Aaron's team, the Portland Christian Varsity Boys soccer.
b. After the bread was cut at the party I had to sneak the first taste to make sure it was good and didn't need to be quietly removed from the table. ( by God's grace it turned out great!)
c. If you don't eat a piece of what you bake, people might think they had better not. :)

I hope I have persuaded you to find me not guilty of becoming a pumpkin addict and I hope the scale goes easy on me too. Truthfully, the word pumpkin is making me feel a little nauseous right now so I had better move on to another sweet thing in my life, Aaron. I am so proud of Aaron. Today the kids and I went to watch the Portland Christian Varsity Boys soccer team play. This is the team that Aaron coaches and it is with a thankful, not prideful heart, that I tell you how much I love watching God use Aaron to encourage and motivate these boys. I have had more than four parents come up to me this year and tell me how much they and their sons respect and enjoy Aaron and more than a few have told me that he is the best coach they have experienced. Last year a mother told me that God used Aaron to change her sons life. Wow, that amazes me! I am so thankful that God worked on my heart this last year. Last soccer season was very difficult for me for a number of reasons and I actually told Aaron that I didn't think I could handle him coaching anymore. This year I find myself saying the exact opposite. I want Aaron to coach as many years as God allows. Aaron's coaching is now my hobby. It has been really neat to get to know some of the boy's parents and to watch our kids meet new friends. Aaron takes Eli with him to get ready for some of the games. Eli helps out where he can but mostly watches Dad teach, encourage, and pray with his team. This is one of the ways Aaron contributes to home school. He is teaching Eli how to lead and build others up. The girls get to learn how to support Daddy in what God has called him to do. Many of the parents have thanked me for sacrificing my time with Aaron but it hasn't felt like a sacrifice this year. It has been fun! It is amazing how much our attitude affects our men isn't it? And regardless of how supportive this post may sound I have much room for improvement in the building my husband up area. I think I will try to focus on encouraging Aaron this weekend. Can you think of a way you can build your husband up?

Aaron is the one in the way back with the pondering look.


Katy said...

God is good isn't He? What a blessing your WHOLE family is. I love you Anna. You remind me, not only to build Ben up, but also to look at the bigger picture. You have trained yourself well and it shows!
One last thing....if I can come to one of Aarons cold, wet games........would I get a Pumpkin Spiced Latte' out of it too? Just kidding:)
Love you dear friend.

Reshma said...

I have ALWAYS adored my cousin Aaron and I still do. I think he is one of the greatest men I know and I am thrilled he married one of my dearest friends. I am so proud of you both. I LOVE you. Resh.

Ashley said...

Mmmm, I was at Albertson's yesterday and the Starbucks had samples of the pumpkin lattes. I made Tony get one even though he hates coffee so I could have two. they're like a dessert and sooooo good. Another to try sometime, we got pumpkin flavored taffy last weekend in Seaside!

momaof4 said...

You eat as much pumpkin as you want. It's super yummy and really there is only 2 months you can eat it!!!