Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bill's Wedding

These pictures are from my father-in-laws wedding on September 26th. The wedding went really well and hopefully I will have more pictures to share soon. Emilie and Grace were flower girls. Eli and cousin Boston were the ring barers. They all looked SO sweet. Eli was in top form that night, opening doors for the girls and I, offering to get us snacks and water. He made this Mama proud. Emilie and Grace did great and loved every minute. Boston did so good too. He walked down the aisle like such a gentleman. Aaron did awesome at the reception. He was Bill's best man so he gave a toast at cake cutting time. I just happened to be changing a diaper at the exact time Aaron's toast was delivered. EEERG! I had really wanted to hear him and be a support but Reshma gave me the word for word replay and Aaron did so good. I was very proud of him. Doesn't he look handsome in this picture too. No wonder we are having our fifth child. ;)
This picture of Emilie shows how big she is getting. I just love that girl and that man!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow, it's been awhile!

Let's see.......since my last post here is a quick list of all that has happened.

-our baby Anderson became a one year old and is now 15.5 mths old
-We have a new baby cooking in the over (6.5 mths pregnant)
-Grace became a Kindergartner
-We sold our house
-We moved into my father-in-laws house
-Eli turned 7
-Grace turned 5
-I turned 32
-Emilie hasn't had her birthday yet but she will be NINE is January and she is turning the corner into becoming a young lady. It's just there in the way she moves, talks, and loves coffee( I am serious!) It is a rare treat.

We are doing really well considering all the changes. God has provided for us in amazing ways. Grace is really enjoying kindergarten. She is just so happy and cheerful at the end of the day. Her teacher Mrs. Morris is very gifted. Emilie and Eli are both enjoying their teachers and friends. I am excited to be working in the classroom every Thursday. My sweet Mother has offered to meet me at Portland Christian Elementary every Thursday and watch Anderson for the day so that I can help in all three classrooms throughout the day. This was very important to me since I will not be able to help the second part of the year. Our third boy is due January 20th but my mid-wife says I should just be ready after Christmas. So, we shall see.

I am sad that I can not put any pictures on my blog right now but hopefully I will be able to soon.
I miss my blog friends. Hmmmm, I wonder who will be the first to check my blog after such a loooooooong time?

Oh my goodness how precious time is!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yes, you read the title right. Nerners is our nickname for Anderson....poor little guy. Aaron came up with this when he was talking to Andy during the first few days of his life. It stuck and so now he is lovingly referred to as Nerners by us all. Some of his other nicknames include- Master Chubbers (Grace made this one up), Anernon(Me), baby Nerns, brother(Eli), and a variety of short lived nicknames that come and go. I thought I would post some updated pictures of Anderson since our computor can post things again thanks to Aaron's friend Paul. He was a God sent, really. Anderson has been such a blessing to our family. He has an easy going temperament and he is very intense. His personality is similar to Eli's when he was a baby. Although there are differences. He likes to bang on things and hear the sounds. I think he may be our loudest child so far. He is very much into the touch and feel of things.
Here are a few pictures and two videos.

This picture is of Anderson at 3.5 months old.

These next two pictures were taken just this last week.
Anderson loves to just sit and kick his feet when he is excited

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Emilie my sweetheart!

I stole this picture from Katy's blog since I still can't download anything.

Emilie had a birthday last week on Jan. 30th. She is now 8 years old. We had a combined family birthday party a week early to celebrate Emilie's and her cousin Sophia's birthday.Sophia turned 4 on Jan. 29th. On Emilie's actual birthday she, Grace, Tyler, Esther, and myself all went to the mall to get Emilie's ears pierced and have a girls night out. Then we came back to our house for a sleepover. The girls had a great time and so did I. It was easy to have fun with such sweet girls around. Esther continually asked me how she could help in many situations and Tyler was a funny, hilarious, giddy, chatter box. Grace loved being with the big girls and Emilie was skipping though the mall with contentment. It was just good old fashion fun!

Emilie at 8 years old amazes me. I am SO very proud of her. Emilie is wise beyond her years and continually blows me away with how quietly confident yet so very humble she is. Parents and kids at school have commented on how quiet Emilie is and they almost seem worried about her. I was too,at first. However, the more I ask, learn, and observe the more I have come to realize that Emilie speaks when there is a need and she is very thoughtful about what she says. I am thankful for that. She is not frazzled by little things people say or do. She most of the time just assumes the best and moves on. She prefers quiet over loud, which is why she doesn't run around all over the playground at recess most of the time. Her teacher was concerned that Emilie was feeling left out but as I questioned Emilie I found that she didn't feel left out at all. She actually preferred the quiet down time. I am thankful that she can determine her needs and take care of herself. She is not top in her class in every subject but I really don't care about that. I think as we grow, wisdom trumps knowledge anyway. Now we all have areas that are being molded and shaped and Emilie is no exception but, I kid you not, I watch and learn from this girl much of the time. Thank you Jesus for Em!

Favorite kid saying of the week
Tonight I was serving dinner from the stove and delivering the plates to each person one at a time. This is what tenderhearted Eli said....
"Mom, you are really nice. It's really nice that you serve everyone else first and you always get your food last."
Aaron confirmed and said he agreed.

Oh my goodness, did that make my heart smile or what! We mothers make a lot of sacrifices that don't get noticed but when they do, what a paycheck!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This entry was posted on a blog that I check occasionally. I liked it so much that I copied and pasted it onto mine. It was originally posted by a missionary who just returned to Africa.

Be content with your house, even if it isn't how you want it. Be content with your car, and your yard and your furniture. Be content if things don't match or they are a little outdated. Be content with your situation. Be content with simple food and living simply. Be content with little and don't think you need more. Be content with bad teachers, difficult bosses or discouraging news. More than just content, be thankful and joy-filled and gracious. Be content to be content. Be content so that you don't need anything to be content so that you can be content. Be content with things are hard. Be content with things are good. Be content to live in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Be content so you don't need anything more to be content. Being content is not an excuse for laziness or procrastination, but not being content is not justification for greed, self-indulgence, ignorance and just living the American dream.

Please, for your sake, be content. That is my hope and my pleading from the bottom of my heart for you that you will be content. Enjoy the blessings that God gives, but in them, be content.
Philip. 4:11
I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kids, they make me laugh!

Grace, Anderson, and I were on our way to pick up Eli and Emilie from school the other day and this is what Grace said to me as we are waiting at the stop light. This came out of the blue.

Grace: " Mommy, how do we go up?"
Me: "Hmmm, what do you mean?"
Grace:" You know, how do we go up?"
Me: "Are you asking me how we float up to heaven?"
Grace: "No Mommy, look at that sign up there. It's telling you to go up!"
(She pointed to a big sign up ahead that was pointing straight but through the eyes of a child it is pointing up. Which, in actuality it is.)
I wonder how long she sat there dreaming up how our car would go up.

Me: " So Em, do you think you want to get your ears pierced for your birthday?"
Emilie: "Yes, I do."
Me: " How do you feel about it? "
Emilie: " Well, I am not really nervous about it hurting. I am scared that they might accidentally hit my nose or something like that." ( She says this calm and very matter-of-factly.)

I take a second to try and figure out what she means. It hits me and I can't help but giggle. You see, I have been telling Emilie that her ears will be pierced with a ear piercing gun.

Me: "Emilie have you been thinking this whole time that someone was going to stand and point a gun at your ears and shoot?
Emilie: "Yes, I guess so."

We both had a good laugh!

I just can't believe that she was still willing to go through with it.

I love you my girls! Thanks for showing how adult communication can be pretty poor at times.

I wish I could post pictures of my girls. EEEEERRRRGGGGG!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Missing the snow!

I miss the snow. Yes, I said it. I miss the snow. I really enjoyed being trapped with my husband and kids. I felt so free to spend time with each of them. I knew we couldn't go anywhere so I wasn't trying to think of something I needed to do. All our commitments were canceled, including church, and it was nice. We live on a hill so we have a choice of three hills to go down and all of them were pretty bad for a long time. The first day that I could get out and drive with the kids, I found myself not wanting to go. I could be getting a little lazy, I don't know, but I think I am just not a huge fan of the hustle and bustle of life. Life is short and I just don't want it to zip by without getting a chance to soak it up.

Three things I learned during the snow storm
1) I have a long ways to go on perfecting my wifely skills.
2) I have a long way to go on perfecting my mothering skills.
3) Neighbors become family when no one can go anywhere.

Kid sayings of the week

Grace:"Mommy I like these build-a-bear shoes because I can put them on my dog easy."
Me: "Oh, good."
Grace:" It's because of the scarecrow." ( She proceeded to show me how she could undo the VELCRO shoes.)

Emilie:"Mommy, can I get a band aid for my cut?"
Me: "Sure."
Emilie goes to get a band aid and comes back into the room. I am busy with something and not really looking at her while she is talking.
Emilie: "Hey, Mom these band aids are kind of weird, they don't have that little soft spot."
I looked up to see her about to put a Breathright strip across her cut. I stopped her before she stuck in on.