Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bill's Wedding

These pictures are from my father-in-laws wedding on September 26th. The wedding went really well and hopefully I will have more pictures to share soon. Emilie and Grace were flower girls. Eli and cousin Boston were the ring barers. They all looked SO sweet. Eli was in top form that night, opening doors for the girls and I, offering to get us snacks and water. He made this Mama proud. Emilie and Grace did great and loved every minute. Boston did so good too. He walked down the aisle like such a gentleman. Aaron did awesome at the reception. He was Bill's best man so he gave a toast at cake cutting time. I just happened to be changing a diaper at the exact time Aaron's toast was delivered. EEERG! I had really wanted to hear him and be a support but Reshma gave me the word for word replay and Aaron did so good. I was very proud of him. Doesn't he look handsome in this picture too. No wonder we are having our fifth child. ;)
This picture of Emilie shows how big she is getting. I just love that girl and that man!


momaof4 said...

You made me laugh :)

You BOTH look amazing! Such a great picture of you both. Can't wait to see more pictures. And we need to get together after soccer season craziness ;)


Heather Elizabeth said...

Love both of these photos. And yes, Emilie is SO big. Her brown eyes are all too familiar. Love you :)

Reshma McClintock said...

Anna you are so adorable :) I love the picture of you and A.
Love you,

Katy said...

Love.Love these! Pricless!

Anonymous said...

your pics are really nice, i loved it. -Neha.

Amy in Peru said...

yay! I LOVE this picture!

it reminds me how much I LOVE you!!

missing you, friend. heard about the boy and hope that I get to see some more photos soon :)