Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wisdom Teeth!

I wonder who thought of naming our wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth? They are in the way back of our germ infested mouths and most people end up getting them taken out. I haven't noticed mine making me any wiser. In fact, they seem to cause most people discomfort. So, maybe they are called wisdom teeth because we are wise to remove them. Hmmm? Needless to say, Aaron got his wisdom teeth removed this last Monday and I can't believe how well he has done. He has had no bruising and very little swelling, if any. I'd like to say it was because of the premo care he received from me but I don't think I can take the credit. Now don't get me wrong, on Monday I was very attentive to him and made sure he was well taken care of, babied if you will. I think our men need a little babying sometimes. It makes them feel more like men. Hmmm, how do you figure that one? Anyway, I enjoyed pampering him. Aaron is a very low maintenance man so it was nice for me to serve him for the day. Tuesday was a completely different story. Aaron was up and cleaning with me and going outside with the kids. He still needed extra care and rest, and I think I made 4 milkshakes that day. ( I like making milkshakes. It takes me back to when I was 18 and worked at Baskin -Robbins with my sister-in-law Heather. Those are good memories)
Anyway, God is good! I was VERY tired today and it would have been difficult to take care of a sick hubby. But like I said, I enjoyed it!
This photo is of Aaron on the day of his surgery.
Just in case any of you need to ice your own teeth someday or the teeth of someone you care for.....I used Grace's P.J. pants and slid cold packs into each pant leg. Then I put the pants around his head and secured it with a stretchy headband. It worked really great! This was better than the previous method which involved my pink(not cute) panties but I'll leave that story for another day.)


Katy said...

Anna~so what of the pink-not-so-cute-panties???? Were they also secured around Aaron's head?????:) He, he! I love you and I love reading your posts! You are a GREAT wife and I'm proud to have you as a friend. Love again.

Glory Laine said...

Ok so a milkshake sounds really good right now. But alas I am on a diet. Boo Hoo. But we can pretent right? I would like you to express me on dry ice one Chocolate blast with whipped cream. And ofcourse because this is my dream, no charge right?

Heather Elizabeth said...

Great idea on the ice packs Anna! Seriously, this is awesome.

BTW, I looked WAY worse when my teeth were out, super bruised and swollen. Hugs to you and Aaron for making it through. Love ya!