Friday, July 20, 2007

evil wallpaper

Okay, I have decided that wallpaper is evil, at least when you are SUPPOSE to be taking it off. Our first house we bought had this horrible wallpaper in the bathroom that just WOULD NOT come off. I had already removed this same type of wallpaper from the kitchen and I was getting tired of this tedious task. So, my dear friends Allison and Kari came to the rescue. Both of them came over on separate occasions to help me attempt this impossible feat. After 1 1/2 hours of hard work I think we got about two feet taken off with our combined efforts and these girls work hard. Needless to say this wallpaper was evil. Thank you again Allison and Kari! I really do appreciate that you did that for me and if it weren't that you are both in your 9th month of pregnancy right now, I would possibly have called on your services again. Let me explain.....we are in the process of taking the wallpaper off our kitchen walls. Actually, we have been in the process for about 1 1/2 years now. I am serious! I have this disease called, "starting big projects and not finishing them." Is anyone else out there infected with this disease? (It doesn't seem like it from visiting your houses but I thought I would ask anyway.) The symptoms of this disease include: getting annoyed at what you want changed, suddenly deciding to change it, (usually late at night), getting very tired of doing the project, and finally, having the unnatural ability to ignore the unfinished product. Well, I have now gone full circle and I am back at the first symptom of getting annoyed at what needs to be changed. So, we are working on the wallpaper again. I think this has been on the walls since the 1970's... I am not kidding! With some good suggestions from my Dad and hard work from my husband, we have managed to get most of it off, but not all of it. There are these stubborn little pieces that are holding on for dear life. So, instead of giving up again I have decided to just start painting and what will be will be! (probably not the best tactic but it is working for us at the moment) I'll let you know how it turns out. All I ask is that next time any of you come over, don't look to closely at the walls....please! :)

These pictures are of the kids helping me paint today! Gotta love the little helpers. The glasses were for protection. ( the kid's idea)


Heather Elizabeth said...

Super cute! I love the color!! Good idea. I can think of more house projects that are evil :-)

Katy said...

What cuties! Can't wait to see the color in person. Love.

momaof4 said...

Wallpaper can be so hard!
All the old houses we are looking at, have wall paper in every room!! SO, if you have removal down you can come help me :)

The kids are getting big and cuter by the day.

Lisa said...

I totally have that disease! Quite awhile ago (pre-baby) I took on the bigger-than-I-realized project of "just painting the kitchen", which then turned into painting the ceiling, windows, trim, removing all the cabinet doors and sanding/painting them/re-hanging them, plus spray painting the hardware. This took weeks on end and when finally finished I realized that ONE cabinet door had been missed. The original wood color glared at me amidst freshly painted white cabinets. And how long did I ignore this fact? Oh, at least a YEAR...and it was still undone when we recently gutted our kitchen! So, I'm joining your club! :-)
P.S. I'm equally skilled at ignoring clean, folded laundry that needs to be put away!!