Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here are some questions I have asked myself in the past year

-Is it normal to have hot flashes at age 29?
-Shouldn't I have more energy than this?
-Why am I becoming completely irrational once a month? (if you know what I mean)
-Is it me or am I seeing a lot more of my scalp these days?
-Is it normal to crave sugar all day long?
-Why do my muscles ache?

I bet you can guess what the answer to these questions is.........Hormones!

So, here is a short background. I will not go into to much detail because it would take too long and probably be to much information. So, the quick version is that I am very hormonally imbalanced. After I started losing my hair so much that my husband noticed I knew something was up. I decided to go to a Naturalpathic Dr. in the hope that I would be listened to and get some real answer. My good friend Katy referred me to her Dr.s office and they had a women Dr. who deals specifically with hormone imbalances. Great! That is what I needed. So, after blood tests, urine tests, and saliva tests it turns out that I have the hormone levels of a post menopausal women. These were Dr. Chotocruze's actual words. I also am on the borderline for hypothyroid. Did you know that our hormones are very closely related to our thyroid. Normal progesterone levels are between 75 and 200 whatevers. Mine was at 31 whatevers. So, right now I am taking many natural supplement and some natural medications to try and boost my hormone, B vitamin, cortisol, magnesium, and thyroid levels. I have also been learning more about how the way we eat affects our hormones. I knew a little before but I have really enjoyed learning so much more and putting it into action. I am really trying to make changes for life in the way I eat. I have notice that when I eat very healthy. ( pretty much all whole food) I feel so much better. I have not been perfect but I am trying to find a balance that fits with who I am and who we are as a family. I have to mention too that I have noticed that when I do not start my day in the Word I have less motivation to make good choices with food and I am convinced my energy level is down. But when I start my day in the Word I eat better, have more energy, and just make better choices all around. Some of these symptoms have completely disappeared and some I am still struggling with. It can take some time to regulate everything.
So, there is the not so quick background on the hormone comment I made a few blogs ago. This was such a strange post to write and I am still not quite sure why I have written it but I want to finish with a verse that has always been a favorite of mine. "A happy heart is like good medicine" Proverbs 17:22

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Katy said...

I'm so proud, glad and full of joy that I am blessed with your friendship! You are an amazing woman and I know that all will even out soon.....at least by the end of the year:) He, he, just kidding.