Friday, July 6, 2007

Family and Freedom!

We had a fantastic, fun, fulfilling day filled with family and friends on freedom day! I just wanted to see how many F's I could fit into a sentence. That really does just about say it all, however. Asa and Heidi, my brother and sister in law, had us over for a 4th of July BBQ. The kids swam for hours and had a great time! The two big kids, Aaron and Asa, got in and had a pretty good time swimming themselves. It is so great to see Dad's playing with there kids. The kids just eat it up! I love swimming too so I couldn't resist a short swim. IT WAS HOT! Heidi cooked us some great BBQ hamburgers and then it was time for fireworks. We all walked a few blocks down to my sister Gretta's house and watched fireworks with her family and friends. ( Gretta's husband is Kevin and she has 2 girls, Zoie (12) and Sydney (8 )). My sister Sarah was there also along with her two kids.(London (4) and Sophie (2)) Of course my mom (aka Grandma Carol) was there. (she loves to be with her kids and grand kids). Wow, what a group!

Thank you Asa and Heidi!
Thank you Kevin and Gretta!
Thank you God for family, friends, and the freedom to worship and serve you!

Reed and Eli taking a break from water dodge ball to pose for a picture.

Emilie and Tyler sharing a Dr. Pepper
These two are so sweet together!

Timber coming up for air. I truly think this girl
is half fish! :)

Asa napping! I think this is just a sign of how comfortable he is around us. Right?

My mom and pro Grandma, Carol, and my amazing niece Sophia

London, my sweet and funny nephew.

Zoie is holding Sophia and two of Zoie's friends sit to the right.
Zoie is so sweet to help out with her 9 young
er cousins.

Grace watches amazed!


Heather Elizabeth said...

So great! Anna this is awesome! I am glad you had such a nice time. We have been missing you guys. Take care!

Katy said...

What a good post! So many photos.....LOVE IT! Love you too. Katy