Monday, August 25, 2008


This is an e-mail I sent out to some friends and family that haven't heard from us in awhile. I just went ahead and copied it so that I didn't have to write things twice. This e-mail talks about some life changes that have happened and will be happening soon. :)

Hello friends and family,
Aaron and I have not done a wonderful job of keeping up with some of you so I thought I would send out a quick update. God has been moving in our lives and directing us to his purpose. About 2 years ago Aaron decided that is was time to finish his college degree. He started out fairly slow but with work, family time, class, and homework he was very busy. Well, life got a bit more busy when we found out in the fall of 2007 that we were going to have another child. We decided to have Aaron double up on his college classed so that he could be finished when the baby arrived. By God's grace, that was a wonderful decision. It was very hard work for all of us but we made it and Aaron graduated this last spring. A few weeks later we added a member to our family. Anderson Landeen Lewis was born on June 24th 2008. He is now 2mths old and we are all in love with him. The kids are able to really enjoy him as they are all old enough to participate in helping and holding. In case some of you don't remember, Emilie is 7yrs old, Elijah is 6 yrs. old, and Grace is 4 yrs. old. Anderson has just been such a blessing to our family. But by God's grace the blessings did not stop there. The day after we returned from the hospital Aaron received an out-of-the-blue phone call from Portland Christian High School. They wanted to offer him a job as Athletic Director of the Jr. and Senior High School. Wow, were we blown off our feet. This as been a job that Aaron has dreamed of for years. This is also a job that requires a college degree, which Aaron just received a few weeks prior. God is so good! So, this means some life changes for us. For the past 2 years I have been homeschooling the kids and that is about to change. Emilie and Eli will be starting at Portland Christian this coming Fall. This will be a big change for me and it will not be easy, but we know that this is were God wants our children and we are so excited to make P.C. our ministry and our home away from home. We also intend to move some time within the next 8 months. We would like to be close to P.C. as Aaron will be working many nights attending games and doing whatever needs to be done. We plan on going to the games and making them family events. We also need to simplify life as our finances will be changing. We are O.K. with the change, however, because we really believe that this is were God wants us.
Before Lisa, Aaron's mom, past away suddenly 2.5 years ago she would gently and without pressure encourage Aaron to some day go back and finish his degree. She saw God's vision for Aaron and I am thankful for the seed she planted in him. The past 2.5 years have been the hardest we have ever experienced as a couple and family. It feels good to have a vision and plant our feet where God is directing. So, there is our update. I would love to hear from any of you and catch up. I have attached a picture of Anderson at 8 weeks and a picture of the whole family just a few hours after Anderson was born. I would love to hear from you. love Anna


Reshma McClintock said...

Such a great post Anna. We are so proud of you and Aaron and are really excited for this new career change. There is NO doubt Aaron will do an incredible job. Your children are some of the most precious little ones to us :) Xoxo...k&r.

Katy said...

Ditto to what Resh said!
I love you and Aaron and the kids so-o much. It is had been awesome to watch you follow God's plan for your lives! YEA!

Heather Elizabeth said...

I am so thankful to have you guys as our family. We are SOO proud of you all. Keep up the good hard work. We love you, Ben, Heather Boston and Cooper

zoobaby said...

So to all of you who read this I need old pictures of when we were all really young! I need pics of all the cusions and their parents way back in the day! I was rumaging through Moms pictures and found a ton of really good ones and am going to make something for the family christmas party! Send it either through email...( or mail...(943 Hampton Way Medford OR 97501) This includes pictures from now to with your kids and everything! I will be taking pics from your guy's blogs to make the timeline complete! Thank you all Hannah