Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace!

Today Grace turned 4!

It was such a great day! The celebration really started last night. With the help of Emilie and Eli we started preparing for Grace's family birthday celebration. This is a tradition I started years ago with Emilie. She would get to stay up and help me bake, decorate, wrap presents or whatever needed to be done. Now that Eli is old enough, he was able to get in on the fun. I have really enjoyed this tradition because it gives me some special time with the two children not celebrating a birthday and it get the kids thinking about each other and ways they can bring joy to one another. It has really worked. Both Emilie and Eli were coming up with great ideas of how to make things special for Grace. It is so fun to think about what excites each child and unique things that will make them feel the love we all have for them. For Grace, it was that she got to be Queen for the day. Being the 3rd child means that she often goes along with what everyone else is doing and is happy and delighted to get most things as hand-me-downs. Of coarse, this is just part of where God has placed her in the family and it is all good. However, it is nice to sometimes have a day that is all your own and my goodness did Grace enjoy it. She asked me at least 5 or 6 times throughout the day, " Mommy, is it STILL my birthday?" When I replied, "Yes Grace, it is STILL your birthday!" she would get the biggest smile across her face. It made me giggle each time she asked. Below are some pictures of Grace's day as Queen! Another cute thing she asked me last night was, "Mommy, when I wake up tomorrow are all my clothes not going to fit me anymore?" I love the way little minds think!

This is what Grace woke up to this morning. All the kids had so much fun playing in it today.
They wanted to sleep in it together tonight and the funny thing is, Eli is the only one asleep in the princess castle right now. The girls went into their beds. :)

Grace waiting to blow out her candle and eat her birthday
cinnamon roll.

Grace making a silly face at Eli while he and Emilie throw
confetti at her.

Happy Birthday to God's little Princess!


me said...

Happy Birthday Princess Grace! We love you!
Dom, Bri, Isaac, Kari & Tyler

Heather Elizabeth said...

Such a great idea to let the kids in on helping make Grace feel as special as she is. Happy Birthday Grace! Can't wait to see you on Sat and celebrate.

momaof4 said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!! 4 years old!!! What fun.

Renae loves your new "castle", She said Oh what fun!

Reshma McClintock said...

Happy birthday Grace!'re such a good mom. I love all your creative ideas. You're a blessing to your children and to us. I love you and your wee ones :) ...resh...

Ginger said...

What a great idea and getting the other two excited for the birthday girl and you get special time with them.... I'm going to try that! Grace is such a sweetie!
Love you,

Allison McKenney said...

Anna- LOVE your could be on Oprah with that one! :)

Have you ever seen Gigi, God's Little Princess?

Macy CAN-NOT-WAIT for the party on Saturday!

Katy said...

My eyes are teary. Anna, I pray that I have patience to match yours...really...God's IN you. You shine, as well as your kids, for the glory of the Lord.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! WE LOVE YOU! Uncle Ben, Auntie Katy, Essy, Sam, Zach and Joe.