Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hello to all my friends, family, fans, and to the hundreds of others who check this blog. HEE HEE! I am in a weird mood right now. Anyway, a few major changes have occurred since I last updated my blog and instead of going into detail right now, I will just list the changes. I may go into detail later on.

1)We are NOT moving this year
2) We will be homeschooling another year

Things remaining the same
1)Aaron is graduating this Saturday
2)Baby boy is still due July 4th (8 weeks to go)

I am excited about homeschooling another year. It will be fun to have the kids around with the baby and not be rushing out the door. I am fairly certain that the kids would have been tardy just about every day anyway. :) I prayed all through the process of decision making that God would make His will clear to us and well, He did!

Below I have posted a picture of me( taken today) at 32 weeks. Eli likes to use the camera so I let him take the picture. It's a little fuzzy but it was worth it. After that I have posted a picture of each child just because I love them.


Katy said...

Fantastic job Elijah! It was so-o hard not to hug you yesterday, Anna. I completly miss you! The next time we come over, Ess wants to watch the baby move. She'd forgoten you were pregnant and when I told her you'd totlay let her watch the baby move....let just say she was all lit up!
Love you! Glad your back!

momaof4 said...

So glad you back. I hope you don't feel like you have to blog. We just love it whenever you can get to it.

Love the pictures!!! Your super cute, and so are the kids.

See you soon friend.

Heather Elizabeth said...

Love all the photos. Your kids are so photogenic. Glad to have you back :-)

amada said...


Your news thrills my heart! I'm so glad to read your note! and THANKS for posting pictures!!! You are beautiful... that reminds me... how are your hormones?



amada said...

...and whose head is that next to Eli? ;)
I love the expression!!

Allison McKenney said...

Welcome Back!

Good thing I already knew about the "no moving" thing! :) I miss you, Anna!!!

Love all the pictures, too...

Reshma McClintock said...

I LOVE that last picture of Eli & Grace...precious. Good to see you on Saturday. We're SO proud of Aaron!! ...R...