Sunday, January 27, 2008

Slumber Party!!!!

Emilie is not 7 yet, but almost. We celebrated her birthday with a birthday party Friday night and had a total of 8 girls spend the night. ( this included Emilie and Grace) The party was so much fun and the girls had a great time. The slumber party went wonderful with no complication. Emilie didn't want any games or a theme, she just wanted friends to come and play, and that's just what they did. I slept with the girls down stairs and it was so fun to listen to them talk and laugh. Saturday morning we had girls playing and getting ready all over the place. Thank you to you parents who trusted your girls with us for the night. These girls are such a blessing! I truly love them all and I know Emilie feels the same way. Here is a few pictures of all the fun!
Sweet Emilie, the birthday girl
Patiently waiting for cake!
Sydney,Emilie, Brianna(cousin), Esther(cousin)
Grace and Macy(they were so sweet together)


Katy said...

Brave, brave Anna, is what I say! Sis had a great time and talked about all the fun she had for about an hour when she got home!
Emilie, you plan a great party. Love you.

momaof4 said...

I am sure this is just the start of many more sleep overs!!!
And what fun to have so much family being girls! ;)

Heather Elizabeth said...

Anna-you are such an inspiration to have a slumber party and be pregnant sleeping with them. Way to go Momma! And Emilie, we love you forever and Boston has been asking every day if we are going to Emmy's party :-)

me said...

Thank you birthday girl Emilie for inviting Brianna and thank you super-mom Anna for taking care of our girls! Bri had a great time and enjoyed her first sleepover.
Love, Kari & Brianna

Reshma McClintock said...

Next year I want to come!! Looks like they had so much fun :) R.