Thursday, August 23, 2007

Emilie's Ballet Recital!

Tuesday was a much anticipated day in our house. Emilie was excited to put on her pretty dress and dance the dance she and two other girls have been working so hard on. They really have worked hard! The summer dance program at Grande Finale has an 8 week schedule. So, the girls had 8 practices total before their performance. Aaron, Papa Bill, Grandma Carol, the kids and I were all there to cheer Emilie on. We are so proud of her. There was a technical difficulty at the beginning of the performance and Emilie started of the dance. The music started, so Emilie started. Then the music faded and sounded strange. Emilie looked at her teacher, who told her to go back and start again. Without seeming to be fazed a bit, Emilie went right back to starting position and began again. I was amazed. Even now, at my age, I would of at least blushed, giggled, or looked around for a familiar face to comfort me. Not Emilie, she stayed focused and kept going. Don't your kids amaze you sometimes?
There is another reason the kids were anticipating this wonderful recital day. It was at OAKS PARK!!! I have never been a huge fan of Oaks Park but after seeing how much fun the kids had, I am having a change of heart. They had so much fun! Emilie grew more and more brave as the night went along. She started of feeling that the Carousal horse was going to high. At the end of the night her favorite ride was one that went at least 50 feet in the air! Eli had a blast and loved the fast kid roller coaster. Of coarse Daddy rode with him which was half the fun! Grace said she wanted to ride the kid roller coaster with Aaron and Eli. Do you think she liked it? NO!!!! She had such a look of terror on her face. The mother in me wanted to tell the man to stop the ride and let her off. Poor girl. She recovered well though and she had a great time on the other kid rides. I even broke out of my spectator role and went on the spinning boat ride. This is an odd ride for me to go on considering I get sea sick but you know what, I really liked it. I went on first with just Eli! That was so fun! Then I went again with my 3 kids and 2 of their friends. Then everyone wanted to go one more time. After the third time, I was done. My food was starting to inch toward my throat. We ended the night with a bag a cotton candy for the 3 kids to share. It was a great night!


Katy said...

Great job Emilie! You are sooo brave sweety! Good times and great memories. This is a day that your kids will remember forever! Love to you.

Heather Elizabeth said...

You are right....great costumes this year! So sorry we missed it. But with our headaches and whining we would have not made it very long. Love ya!

Reshma said...

Seeing those pictures reminds me of Heather's and my ballet recital days!! What a special day...R.