Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I had the much desired opportunity and blessing to take Gracie out this morning for some Mommy/daughter time. I have been missing her! Of course she is with me everyday all day but I was still missing her. I felt that I needed some time to enjoy her without anyone or anything else pulling for my attention. We had a great time! She is such a fun loving person. We were able to go to the park, the library, and Fred Meyer. Gracie spent some of her birthday money on a new dress. This came as no surprise to me as Gracie has been very into dresses for the past 6 months. She would sleep in a dress if we let her. When Aaron and I talk about Grace we just have to smile. She is so full of joy and humor and she loves to make us laugh. To her life is an adventure. She loves lip gloss, spinny dresses (her words), tappy shoes ( her words), baths, swinging (really high), and Laura from Little House on the Prairie. In fact, there have been many days lately when Grace will ask me to put her hair into two braids and we must call her Laura. If we forget and call her Grace we are quickly, and somewhat firmly, corrected. She tends to wake up a little crabby but once she has gotten a little cuddle, and is fully awake, she is full of excitement for the new day! God has blessed her with a very optimistic outlook on life. It truly is amazing how easy going she has been even as an infant. She just tends to go with the flow. Here are a few of my favorite things she has done or said....
- "I love you like rainbows and Jesus!"
- while reading a book, " I don't want to go in there. ( into the book) I would miss you."
- giving my bum a kiss every night when I turn to leave the room. ( strange but true)
- seeing a picture of herself at one year old with short hair, " Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I know that's me when I was a boy!)
- walking past her room and seeing her kneeling at the side of her bed praying. ( I haven't shown her this)
- tonight,"Eli is awesome and Emilie is beautiful"
We love you Grace!


Heather Elizabeth said...

Gracie, you definitely got some funk in your step! We love you lots! Aunite Heather, Uncle Ben and Boston

Katy said...

Grace, you are true to your name. We love you and love to laugh with you.Love.

Allison McKenney said...

What a wonderful post!

Just the other kids kiss your bum at night when you leave the room?

Love you!

Glory Laine said...

Anna! Jumped on your site from Karens. It was so fun seeing your family. What dolls! Glad to see you and Aaron are doing well. Would love to catch up sometime. Come on over to my site and take a peek at my little ones.